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Making this rebloggable, because I seem to get a flurry of asks like these every so often, and I’m running out of new and exciting ways to say the same basic things:

  • If you’re confused about how I identify, I bet googling at least one of the two words you quoted might be a helpful starting point. If you’re still confused, but don’t know me well enough to ask? Too bad, stranger!
  • Before asking a question, ask yourself: why do you need this information? How is it relevant to our interactions or your reading my blog? For example, if you want to know my pronouns (he/they), that’s relevant if you want to reblog me. But how/whether I’m transitioning is not going to be relevant to my fandom activities. I promise you.
  • These are incredibly personal questions. Do you go up to casual acquaintances and randomly inquire about the state of their genitals? Hopefully not! And you probably don’t ask your mom what’s new with her vagina at the dinner table, either. Because it’s not appropriate.
  • No matter how innocent or well-meaning the intent, no matter how burning your curiosity, you are not entitled to this information. Full stop.